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Building unity in the community


The Unity Hubb is an activity based at St Margaret’s Church in Ward End.


Our mission is to bring the community together through a variety of workshops, classes, groups and projects that encourage unity and growth. 


Through our projects we are helping local people build a strong, resilient and welcoming community that works together to make Ward End a fantastic place to live, full of connection and creativity. We have a full schedule of regular events throughout the week, like yoga and reflexology, creative workshops, and group meetings, as well as special events that celebrate our community.


One of our main aims is to encourage local people to share their skills with each other, helping them to connect and grow. If you have a skill or interest you would like to share with your community, please get in touch with us on our email or pop into the centre to find out more.


We have been supporting our local community since 2014 and hope to continue to offer opportunities to help build unity together. 

Please visit our sister website for St Margaret's Community Trust for more information.

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