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July 2023 activity programme at the Unity Hubb

Celebrate Eid with us this month, plus all our usual activities. Whether you fancy some fitness, you want to get crafty, or just enjoy some conversation and camaraderie with the local community, there’s something to do.


The Busy Hands group meet up on a Monday, and we have the careers clinic to help you improve your CV and interview skills. We also have an Eid celebration on Monday 3rd July.

Eid Celebration

11am-2:30pm, 3rd July

Busy Hands Group

12-2pm, 10th, 17th, 24th & 31st July

Careers Clinic

1-3pm, 17th & 31st July


Tuesdays are jammed packed with things to keep your mind and body sharp. We have Badminton in the mornings, followed by Chair yoga and wellbeing sessions. Plus the stitch and sew group will be taking place at the Fire Station.


9:30-10:30am, every Tuesday in July

Chair Yoga

11am-12pm, every Tuesday in July

Wellbeing session

12-1pm, every Tuesday in July

Stitch & Sew

1-3pm, every July at the Fire Station


There’s lots happening on Wednesdays this month, with our usual social groups, and well as some special events including a litter pick and the chance to make planters for the village green.

Unity Hubb Men’s Group

10am-12pm, every Wednesday in July

Litter pick with BVV Team

11am-1pm, 19th July

Women’s Chai & Chat

12-2pm, every Wednesday in July

Grow & Talk with Faith

12-2pm, 5th & 12th July, at the allotments

Village Green planter making with Faith and Community Conversations

12pm, 19th July, at the allotments

Village Green project with Faith

12-2pm, 26th July, at the allotments


We have Stay & Play, Ladies Fitness and our Cook Together, Eat Together sessions for all the community to enjoy.

Stay and Play

9-11am, every Thursday in July

Ladies Fitness

11:30am-12:30pm, every Thursday in July

Cook Together Eat Together

12:30-2pm, every Thursday in July


Mary, our Community Network Support Officer, is at the Hubb every Friday this week to offer help and advice.

Community Network support Officer sessions

10am-2pm, every Friday in July

If you have any questions about any of the activities or want to register with the Hubb, get in touch with us via email

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